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This Webinar features 5 experts from Opsgenie/Clearvision
"Paul is a World Leader in Atlassian, working with some of the World's most famous organizations on large scale change programs, helping & advising them on technology, software, process, support, hosting and best practice configuration."
Paul Renshaw
Chief Revenue Officer
"Working as a Pre-Sales Engineer for Opsgenie, Merts role primarily consists of: analyzing customer needs, improving communication with clients, onboarding clients with technical assistance and helping them solve their technical issues. Mert is leading product with a more customer-oriented strategy, helping customers meet their goal with the product."
Mert Ünsal
Solution Engineer - Opsgenie
"Matt has spent over 10 years working for Clearvision. He has led the business through a transition from service to product-based solutions, establishing teams in both established and new territories. Matt is currently responsible for cloud-hosted customer solutions, internal IT, customer support, as well as the cloud-solutions architecture function."
Matt Muschol
Technical Director
"Tolga is an expert all things Opsgenie, having worked for Opsgenie/Atlassian for the last 3.5 years. His expertise and insight of the Opsgenie tool is invaluable and fascinating to listen to."
Tolga Özgentürk
Enterprise Advocate - Atlassian
"Jake is passionate about technology, and a cloud enthusiast. Since starting in the IT industry 10 years ago, Jake has focused on enabling teams to reach their full potential, taking them to the cloud with innovative, forward looking technologies."
Jake Churcher
IT Services and Operations Manager

Watch Now...

Clearvision have been using Opsgenie for over three years now, and with Atlassian recently acquiring the product, there’s never been a better time to discuss the features and value that this product can bring to your organisation.

Find out why Clearvision chose Opsgenie as a solution, and the journey that followed, by filling out the form below

What to expect from watching (in a nutshell):

- What you can achieve by using Opsgenie
- Useful features
- How Clearvision made Opsgenie work for the wider business
- Management of the alerting process
- Handling crises scenarios
- Back-up scenarios that have been implemented
- Benefits of the tool itself
- ClearHost