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If you’ve ever stood in a demonstration where the product owner has said “That’s not what I wanted!”, then you know the stress caused from worrying about about how much time you’re going to waste fixing it.

This guide explores:

  • Unite “The Three Amigos”
    One concept that is proving to be very powerful is the “Three Amigos”: The Three Amigos in this concept are Testers, Developers and the Product Owners.
  • Take the Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) Challenge
    Not having a unified understanding of the goal sucks. Especially if we don't know why we're in conflict.
  • Forget Failure. What Matters is How You Fail
    Let’s be honest: You’re reading this because efficient software development isn’t quite working for your team.
  • Create a “Single Source of Truth” with Jira
    Collaboration saves time and money! If you have a single source of truth for your software requirements, then they’ll no longer be open to interpretation.
  • Optimise Your Exploratory Testing
    While test automation provides fast feedback to developers and saves time for testers, it can;t catch every bug.

This guide will help you find the perfect way to improve communication in your testing lifecycle, and make better products today!

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