empowerment-149-191x300Empowering teams to reach their full potential.

In this whitepaper we’re bringing together leading voices in the collaborative software industry, to present you with a comprehensive overview of ways to approach collaboration and teamwork.

What you'll learn:

  • How Do You Solve A Problem Like People?
  • Managing Agile Efficiently With Distributed Teams
  • Collaboration In A New York Minute
  • Right People, Wrong System?
  • How Visuals Power Team Collaboration
  • Context Through Coupling: Jira For On-call Teams
  • How Next-gen ALM Tools Are Promoting Collaboration
  • Secure Intranet In Times Of Cloud Services
  • Cracking The Code Of High Performance Teamwork
  • The Rise Of Modern Collaborative Performance Management
  • What Your Future Self Wants To Know (Clarity4d)
  • Hacking Team Collaboration

From technology to work methodologies, this collection covers everything you need to identify the right combination of software and culture to truly empower your teams.

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